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Participate in Gymnastics for over 55s

Gymnastics for over 55s will help you develop a number of skills used in everyday life. These benefits include balance, flexibility, coordination and strength.

A number of classes are being run by accredited instructors across Australia, who are equipped with the knowledge and skills to get you moving and having fun.

Simply contact your participating State Gymnastics Association, who will be able to assist you with finding your local Gymnastics for over 55s provider.

Complete the form to have your local provider contact you about participating in Gymnastics for over 55s or to request the services of a Gymnastics for over 55s instructor.

Remember to listen to your body; avoid jerky, quick movements and exercises that cause pain. Slow and full range movements that allow you to improve your balance, strength and posture will be most beneficial to you.

Always have a bottle of water handy while you participate in the Gymnastics for over 55s Program. This will ensure that you’re hydrated until the end of the class.

State Gymnastics Associations

Gymnastics Victoria

Phone   03 9005 4700

Email   info@gymnasticsvictoria.org.au

Gymnastics Queensland

Phone   07 3036 5600

Email   development@gymqld.org.au

Gymnastics New South Wales

Phone   02 8116 4113

Email   gfa@gymnsw.org.au

Gymnastics South Australia

Phone   08 8294 8288

Email   admin@gymsa.com.au

Gymnastics Northern Territory

Phone   08 8927 9262

Email   executivedirector@gymnt.com.au

We recommend you consult with a health professional before participating in Gymnastics for over 55s. They will help you to understand your limitations and considerations when participating in a class. The program can be catered to you and tailored to your level of ability and mobility.